Friday, December 4, 2009

Another Building Update- Again

Plans for the new church building continue to move forward. The Building Committee met last night. Some of the things to report are as follows:

The builder is about to send us a contract with the exact dollar amount for the building.

The lawyer wants us to get the paperwork finished to ensure that there are no wetlands on the property. The site engineer assures us that there are no wetlands, and they are in the process of doing the appropriate paperwork.

Once the paperwork for the wetlands is complete, the lawyer should have enough information from the engineer and architect to submit our permit application.

Various parking options from the engineer have been considered. The best option seems to be one which allows for a constant flow of traffic with no "logjams." For financial reasons, we might have to use a gravel parking lot at first, and plan for the pavement as a second phase.

The bank has been provided with our financial information and will be giving us an idea of how much they would loan us.

We are still very interested in solar panels. For financial reasons, they might have to be included in the second phase, but we want to plan for them from the beginning.

As can be seen, a lot of progress has been made and even more is expected in the near future. Please pray for the continued success of the planning, the submission and approval of the permits, and that the finances would be acquired to pay for the "Building To Serve."

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