Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Great Example of Humility

One blog that I follow is written by Josh Harris who is a pastor in Maryland. Josh has a large following, in part because he has written some very popular books. Check out his most recent post which is titled, "Kevin DeYoung's Book on the Church is Better Than Mine"


To me, this title and the accompanying article- complete with a cartoon illustration that he drew- are a wonderful example of humility. Josh could have just used his blog to tell people about his own book (which by the way is excellent- it is titled, "Stop Dating the Church"). Instead, Josh chose to highlight the work that someone else has done. He is acknowledging the contribution of other people, rather than focusing on himself.

The greatest example of humility that we have is from Jesus. We learn from Philippians 2 that Jesus had to humble Himself just to come to earth and live among us- let alone die on a cross for our sins. As followers of Christ we imitate Him when we are humble. Let's remember to follow the example of Jesus, and Josh Harris, and put other people ahead of ourselves.

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