Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Reading is Fun-damental

A few years back there was a marketing plan to encourage children to read. It was called "Reading is Fun," but also continued by saying, "Reading is Fundamental." The irony, of course, was that they had to use TV commercials to get the message out that children should be reading. I guess they figured that if they put the message in a book, no one would see it.

Reading is also fundamental in the life of a Christian. I know a man who learned to read as an adult after he trusted in Christ. It was at that point that he recognized that he needed to read so that he could listen to what God had said to him in the Bible. God has communicated to us through a book, so we ought to read it.

Don't limit your reading to just the Bible. If you can only read one book, then it should be the Bible. But we live in a time when we have more material available to us than anyone could ever possibly read in one lifetime.

Consider these pieces of advice regarding reading. John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist movement, told preachers to "either read or get out of the ministry!" Albert Mohler, a leader of the Southern Baptist denomination says, "This much is certain; we will never preach more than we know and we will never preach above our reading." And John Stott informs us that, "in all this reading, our objective is not so much the accumulation of knowledge as the stimulation to think Christianly."

So please find some time to read good books, and possibly good blogs.


  1. I am currently reading a good theology book called Bible Doctrine, The Essential Teachings of the Christian Faith by Wayne Grudem. Not only do I learn more about God but it encourages me to Worship and Honor him with new insights and perspective. It allows me to worship God more accurately for who He is and not what I think or wish He was.

    If you asked me when I was a kid if I thought reading was useful I would tell you to take a hike! But as I mature I realize that I don't have it all figured out and insights from others are helpful even if I don't agree with the author because it will challenge me to think about what I thought I already knew, which causes me to grow.

  2. Great message...if only those who refuse to read would read it ;-). I have met many Christians who have informed me that they simply don't read. And I've tried in a thousand different ways to change that and encourage others to read more. Thanks for the reminder and encouragement.