Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Building Update

The Building Committee for Cottrell Corners Community Church met Monday night. We looked at three proposals from site engineers. One proposal stood out because of the references listed and because of the price. We will follow up with that engineering firm by checking those references.

The majority of the meeting time was spent listening to a proposal from a builder. This builder was recommended to us by a Bible Fellowship Church in Pennsylvania. They seem to understand our budget, so they presented a smaller building than we initially proposed. The building has about the same number of rooms that we had planned, but the rooms are smaller. It appears to be a workable building for us. There are some unknown prices are for things like electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and all of the work on the ground prior to the building going up. But the bid was placed low enough to try to compensate for those prices and still meet our budget goal.

We should hear from another builder by next week regarding a price for the exact building that we proposed.

Someone figured out last night that if we can have all of our money and financing secured by Easter, then we should be able to move into the new building by Christmas of 2010.

Please continue to pray that God would provide us with a usable building. And please also pray that we would indeed use that building to worship Him and serve our community.

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  1. GOD is great all the time!!!