Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I Have Not Worked Until I Have Prayed

I have the priviledge of working at a local church as a pastor. As with most jobs, there are many things that need to be done when I am at work. There are also many things that I might have to do at times other than "normal business hours." But only a couple items are top priorities.

One of the top priorities is prayer. I recently reminded the elders that I don't ever believe that I have truly worked until I have actually spent time in prayer for the church and for the people of the church. Prayer is a big part of my job.

Early leaders of the church also saw prayer as a priority. In fact, the apostles delegated some very important responsibilities because they needed to spend their time ministering to the church through prayer and through studying and proclaiming God's message. While I am certainly not an apostle, I do want to follow the example that they apostles gave for church leaders. So, by God's grace, I pray for the church.

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  1. Mostly my daily prayers are worship and gratitude related. I find that if you do that then your "requests" don't seem to matter much anymore and it is easier to just leave them to God without giving him suggestions. God doesn't need my solutions! Pat