Friday, January 8, 2010

Building Update

The Building Committee at Cottrell Corners Community Church continues to make progress toward a new church building. We are working with the engineer to get the proper paperwork showing that we have no wetlands on the property. The engineer is also making some back-up plans in case we need a smaller parking lot.

Our builder has given us a good price quote for putting up the building. Before we can confirm with him, we need to get our permits and financing. I will be setting up a meeting with our Township Planning Board in order to make sure that we are getting everything set up right for our permit application. John M. is working diligently to get our financing in order. There was a setback this week with our current bank on the financing front, but we hope to discover other options.

We are also hoping to have an architect look at our current chapel building and the basement of the house in order to provide us with some options for turning them into rental units. If we know what needs to be done, we can get prices. We will also be able to determine how much additional monthly income might be available through these avenues.

We continue to discuss solar panels. We are open to finding a company that leases rooftops and either pays for the space or provides us with free electricity in exchange for them using the roof. We might need to wait until the building is erected before we can move forward with solar panels.

A summary of the past year worth of progress will be provided immediately after our church gathering on Sunday, January 31.

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  1. I have been thinking about solar panels too. We lease 50,000 sq. ft (which is half) of a shopping center (hope to purchase the whole thing) and have all that roof space... I imagine that would be pretty good for some sun action.

    What about wind power?

    I also know of a local church in the downtown of a nearby small city and allowed a cell phone tower to be constructed on their roof, and the monthy rent income pays their mortgage. Just a thought. If I could put one on the roof of our building, it would go a long way toward our monthy lease payment!