Thursday, January 21, 2010

Honoring volunteers

Most churches only exist because the people of the church do a lot of work to make sure that ministry takes place. Of course the paid staff does a lot of work, but without the volunteers, church as we know it would not happen. The dependency on volunteer ministry is a very good thing, as much as it requires churches to follow the Bible's plan for ministry in which "the saints" are equipped for the work of the ministry (Ephesians 4:11-12).

While volunteers do a lot of work, many of them don't get much recognition. It is the people who stand in the front of the church who are the most honored and recognized. But we are told in Romans 12 that we should give honor to whom honor is due. I believe that church workers are definitely worthy of honor. I intend to spend some time during our church service on the last Sunday in January to honor those who serve so selflessly.

I can think of many of the jobs that are accomplished by volunteers in our congregation. This list is not doubt similar to the jobs that are accomplished by volunteers in other congregations. Please look at the jobs I have remembered, and then post any other jobs that are accomplished by volunteers in your congregation. Thanks for your help. Here's my list:

Sunday School teachers
Nursery workers
Worship team members (instruments, singers, sound guys)
Oversight of rental property
Facility, grounds, maintenance
Finance Committee
Building Committee
Small group leaders (Bible study, prayer groups)
people who open their homes for small group
Pastor's wives who open their home for Sunday School classes
Meal organizers
Janitorial services/ those who clean the church
Food providers
Ministry organizers- Men's Ministry, Women's Ministry, Children's Ministry, Yard Sale, Pancake Breakfast outreach, Operation Christmas Child, Children's Christmas program, etc.
Drive people to church
Attendance counter/tracker
Visitor Info (welcome guests, ask them to fill out info, forward to pastor)
Making a new church Directory (address list and phone numbers)

I want to honor all who serve, but I don't want to miss anyone. Please help me!


  1. People who supply paper goods and utensils ,paper towels, toilet paper,matzos, grape juice, sunday and tuesday snacks,gift organizer,offering taker, prayer chain

  2. and website manager

  3. person who sends birthday cards

  4. Intercessors who come and pray everyday at the church, Those who volunteer to bag food and give it out to the needy, Counselors, Those in the church with the gift of helps - from fixing people's cars to their hot water heaters, Window Washers - i love these people!

  5. ladies who wash the table clothes and towels from the bathrooms