Friday, September 24, 2010

Event Filled Week

My daily commute involves walking from my living room to my basement. That commute got slightly longer recently when my study moved one room farther away in the basement. One result of working from home is that there are some weeks in which I don't get out of the house much. This past week was not one of those weeks.

After church on Sunday I was able to take my two youngest daughters to Great Adventure. They loved the rides (well, most of them). On Monday I went with my younger son to his first Yankee game. We took the ferry to Manhattan and then took the subway up to the Bronx. The Yankees made the night special by winning the game (most people probably thought that it was special that a monument was unveiled in Monument Park for George Steinbrenner and that Joe Torre, Don Mattingly, and a bunch of other famous Yankees were there, but my son just wanted the game to begin and was happy that we won).

On Tuesday I headed to Pennsylvania for yet another interview in my ordination process. That night we had a great Bible study at the church which also happened to be well attended. On Wednesday I met with the pastors in the denomination who are most local to me. Thursday night was soccer games for my boys. Friday found me driving to Cape May, NJ for a meeting for a church plant in our denomination. Friday was the longest drive, but was actually far less tiring than Tuesday's trip to PA because my dad let me borrow his car. We have two more soccer games on Saturday morning.

In case you were wondering- I love my commute, but I also enjoy getting out of the study and doing other things.

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