Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Church Assets

We have some accountants in our church. They can easily figure out what our church is worth financially. They would begin by adding up all of our assets, like our bank account balances and the value of our property. Then they would subtract our outstanding bills and the mortgage for our property. They could give us a very good picture of the financial wealth of our particular congregation.

But I was recently thinking of the things of value- the assets- that our congregation possesses. If we are realistic, we will recognize that the financial assets and property assets are actually the least of our wealth.

Our church is enourmously wealthy through the gift of the Triune God. We are children of God the Father. He has made us His heirs and blesses us with every spirtual blessing in Christ.

Through Christ we have forgiveness of sins and a relationship with God the Father. Christ also sent us the Holy Spirit who empowers us for service and illuminates our understanding of yet another gift- the Bible.

In addition, our congregation is rich in love for God and love for each other and love for the outside world. And we have a group of people who are actively serving. We have so many assets that a balance sheet full of numbers simply can't explain our true wealth.

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