Thursday, September 24, 2009


One of the great things about living in the middle of New Jersey is that all sorts of food is available. The internet phone book for my town of Old Bridge lists around seventy restaurants- and there are pleanty of other towns nearby. We have more types of food available than I even knew existed.

One place to eat that I just recently discovered is called "Harold's Chicken and Grill." Harold's just recently opened their Old Bridge store on Route 516 accross from Wendy's. The owner (Harold maybe? I talked to him, but didn't ask his name) told me that he has had the other Harold's in South River for about five years.

What I like about Harold's is that the menu is extensive and the portions are huge. I fed my family of seven with a cheesesteak and salad. We've tried the place a couple times now and everything has been delicious.

So here is the question for everyone to comment on- What food establishment (restaurant, diner, delivery place, whatever) do you recommend?


  1. Where I prefer to eat all depends on the company that I am with.
    Girl Time - Turning Point, El Meson (mexican), Pete's Fishery
    Family Night - Mahzu, Charlie Brown's, Red Lobster, China Buffet
    Date Time - Fridays, Costa Verde (portuguese)
    Anytime- Park Place Diner (Good Looking Staff), Starbucks
    Low on cash - Friendly's, grandma's

    Pat D.

  2. Pete's Fishery is good, I like their Manhattan Clam Chowder Soup

    Arirang is also a crowd pleaser.

    Bertucci's in Hazlet is good, I recommend their Margarita Pizza.

    If your'e up for the Drive to Brooklyn the best pizza you'll ever have is at L&B, I highly recommend their Sicilian pizza.

    John Mezz Jr