Thursday, May 26, 2011

Book Recommendation- The Good News We Almost Forgot

The Good News We Almost Forgot is not your typical book about doctrine. In fact, though it deals with many topics of theology, it reads more like a devotional. In this book Kevin DeYoung guides you on a tour through an old catechism (the Heidelberg Catechism from 1563). But even though the book is about a document from almost 450 years ago, the book itself is fresh and relevant.

A catechism is a series of questions and answers which guide a learner to truth. This particular catechism is made up of 129 questions and answers. The questions are grouped into 52 sections- one for each week of the year. DeYoung wrote the original form of this book in weekly installments as devotionals for the people in the church he pastors.

The outline that DeYoung proposes that the catechism writers used is: 1. guilt, 2. grace, 3. gratitude. This outline points out that we have a great guilt in the eyes of God because of our sin and have no way of absolving ourselves of this guilt short of an eternity in hell. God's grace has been extended to us in the person and work of Christ on our behalf- specifically His sacrificial death for our sins. After we have seen our guilt and the grace of God, we will then live lives of gratitude to God by living according to the way He has told us to live.

The elders at Grace Church have been benefiting from this book while we are reading it together. You can find more information about The Good News We Almost Forgot at:

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