Wednesday, May 11, 2011


In my life I have averaged one trip to the dentist each decade. It's not that I have a fear of the dentist- I just have a fear of dental bills. We recently acquired insurance, so I headed off for my first dental visit in approximately ten years. The results were disappointing, if not predictable. The dentist was appalled by the condition of my teeth and promptly scheduled me with enough appointments in the coming months to significantly alter my once a decade average.

It's probably no surprise to you that there is a reason dentists want to see you twice a year (at least two reasons that I can think of and the first one is so they can collect a lot of money). The health reason for seeing the dentist more than a handful of times in one's lifetime is so they can fix any problems before the problem becomes too bad. Because I waited so long to see the dentist I now will have to endure a host of root canals, extractions, fillings, etc.

Perhaps many people view church the same way as the dentist. We would go if we saw the need for it or if we had the time or the money (okay, you don't need to have money to come to church, but not everyone realizes this fact). I figured that I could handle most of my dental needs at home- I brushed my teeth faithfully and thoroughly. We might be tempted to think that we can take care of our spiritual needs at home as well. We can read the Bible and pray and listen to music and sermons at home. But it isn't the same as coming to church where your friends and fellow Christians will help keep you from greater danger and give you the spiritual maintenance that your life truly needs. My teeth deteriorated when I limited my dental care to self-sufficiency. Your faith will deteriorate if you limit your spiritual care to what you can do yourself. Do yourself a long-term favor. Become an active member in a good local church. It will guard your soul and prevent larger faith problems.

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  1. Dave this was REALLY GOOD! Thank you for sharing!